Sunday, January 4, 2015

West Ham United v. West Bromwich Albion


  1. Must confess that I missed this one, other than keeping vague track of the score. Match time I was on a bus bound for Philadelphia and #1 son could only get patchy reception on his Groovey Joe Poovey phone, which he assures me does not qualify as a "gadget" !

  2. i missed it too....on a road trip to Seattle. Anyone got any reports/views to bring enlightenment?

  3. I did. Wasn't on TV but managed to find a stream. What a waste of time that was.
    When Adrian is MOTM for all three holiday games you know there's not a lot of Ho going about.
    What a surprise, they've sussed AC. Pretty much invisible in this one. So we start with 10 men. Etc.
    More of the same for a 10 /11 th place finish, which hopefully will finish the Fat One.
    That said it's a lot better than watching last year, at least we might.

  4. Your comments pretty much echo what I have read elsewhere Smitty. Tupper digs in over AC when a Valencia Sakho Combo might have prized The Baggies open again and finished them off. Form certainly has dipped and here on Saitch it's no mystery !

  5. Did Nolan start? I see the Fat one has said that Reid is going this month and that Song may go to Africa afterall. Both of those would be a problem in my book. A win at Swansea is very possible and a good place to get going again. As for the cup against Everton...well they ain't playing that well right now either. Go for it! get back to winning ways tomorrow!

  6. Not sure about Nolan Filthy, like you i was on the road too - one for Smitty or Slippery perhaps ? My impression is Song is now confirmed for ACON, which means someone at the Cameroon HQ woke up, or got their knickers untwisted - not good news for us, but good for Song. With Sakho and Kouyate off too, our ranks will be seriously depleted - an opportunity for young Poyet to get in the mix perhaps ? Valencia too ?

  7. Nope, Nobby was on the bench and stayed there. Impressive eh.

    Not looking good for TV or a stream today and I'll be oiutnabout so we'll just have to wait for news.
    My bet, Nobby & Carroll up. Possible Poyet. Otherwise usual suspects I don't think a "2nd" team.

  8. There's bound to be a stream somewhere Smitty - check in close to lick off on KUMB. Today might be that day nick that Merseyside win we've been after, for donkeys...

  9. That should say kick off, but I don't mind "lick off" at all gives it an almost a sound system like "flava" !

  10. Irrrrrrooooons!
    Yeah right, we'll do em. Maybe.

  11. Carroll Not even on the bench !?:)
    Zarate not even on the bench ? Is he really unfit or a BFS hissy fit?
    Nobby on :/
    Jarvis and Tenner - the new duo ?

  12. for all west ham streams ...and its' freddy freemans' too

    cryptic saitch A.P can only assume Negative something to do with and coming down with the xmas lights ?

    Me and my son Jake watched from our usual seats over the Boleyn ...Sakho's goal within the first 10 mins i thought aye aye..slaughter them today...even said to jake 4-0 today son...
    how wromg was i ..we looked like the team that was struggling...lack lustred..probably on the piss the night before...Carroll completely ineffective..Song losing the ball a bit too often...Allarbuckle put it down to tiredness....if only

    Saw Sakho limping badly out of the Boleyn ground after the game..didnt look good at all

    replacement for Reid ?

  13. one good thing ...Song has retired from international football

  14. Hey Slip.
    Yeah I looked after the game. I thought, it was off but now it's on again.

  15. thanks for the latest news, and good it is about Song.

  16. Oh, and I've got no problems with lick offs, as long as there's no simulation. (Stimulation?)

  17. Obviously great news for us about Alex Song. but as per usual I'll get the next Saitch u before commenting on the FA Cup match.

  18. Further to Slippery's "on the spot" observations, I just read that Sakho is not going to ACoN due to his back injury - let's hope it's nothing too serious. Senegal it appears have more striking options than we do !

  19. Ah, the mystery bad back. Kept many a worker in the Dog & Duck for many a year.
    Seriously, I'm sure he'll get the best and it may be tricky to know when to bring him back.
    Just like the AC mystery tootsie. Told you his feet were a bloody liability

    Speaking on BT Sport, Allardyce said: 'Andy kicked the floor in training and obviously his foot's a bit sore so we didn't bring him with us.
    Carroll has endured numerous fitness problems since joining the Hammers so fans are likely to forgive Allardyce for his caution.

    They may, but I'll never forgive him for bringing him back and keeping him back.
    We may be short up front but I'd rather we muddle through with something like CC & Tenner w/ Downing & Amalfi as back up Even Jarvo didn't look that bad considering he hasn't done close to 90 since Adam were a lad