Monday, December 1, 2014

West Ham Utd v. Newcastle


  1. ..."my dear ole Mammy"...and the bar code " that'll be 1-0 to the hammers sir, how would you like to pay?" "Quickly and to get the fuck out of here asap"

  2. I think it was them that paid Filthy, not us ! A sign of the times perhaps ? I certainly hope so ! West Brom today - Come On You Irons !!!

  3. Action packed Saitch week Mr P.

    Scrappy game all through, could have gone either way, but luckily we got in firstest with the only one.
    Pleased for Cresswell , well deserved.
    When I saw AC up top on his todd I thought we were screwed, still be there now if we're waiting for him to score. Don't think either your twofer, or even onefer, is gonna work.
    Solid defense, so there is life without Winston. I'd sign now if I were him, unless there's an offer he knows about and we don't.
    Ginge & Tomka did the job, Jenko & Cresswell always there with the threat.
    Amalfatino's a player, gets a kickin and keeps on tickin!! How is he not injured?

    I think it shows no respect when Nobby comes on for his 10 minute jog around he takes the armband. I wish he'd hurry up and either do something or sod off.

    In with a good chance for 3 this afternoon. COYI!!!!!!

  4. Before the arrival of ZarateI thought we looked sadly like our last season selves Top shelf stuff from Tomka and with the other Three Musketeers at the back, the reason we were able to nick it. I'm wondering how many clean sheets it's gonna take for Tupper not to play AC. If he's got to play him today, I'm hoping he'll let Z start next to him.

  5. I'm convinced Tupper will keep playing AC & Nolan till he can't, for whatever reason.
    Unlikely to be a return for Sackem or Valencia so more AC today. More nothing, he's too slow, too predictable, can't shoot -does look good in a onesie though. I haven't seen the stats but how many headers did he win and do anything remotely useful with? Not many.
    I'd be prepared to bet right now, allowing for the law of averages, blind luck etc AC doesn't get more than 3 goals for us this season assuming he plays in most of the games left. Nobby maybe 1 or 2 at best. Just not worth it.

  6. You and me both brother. Any news on Song ?

  7. Song - Last I heard, firm possibility of a deffo maybe for Saturday

    Lets go Irons
    2-1 to us.
    Let's give the toofer the benefit , either Nobby or AC to score
    Then we can see / hear about it for the next 6 months and maybe sell em.
    Might as well get something if we've got to watch em.

  8. I'm not sure what time you posted the above Smitty, but if it was before the teams were announced, you might want to consider swagging a turban and a dressing gown and going into the palm reading caper for some extra Crimbo dosh ! I'll say no more until I've put the West Brom Saitch up.

  9. Nah I just happened to be looking when the team went up to know they were up:)
    Law of averages an all that :D

  10. A rare visit to the boleyn for me - we were poor, they were worse. On reflection, a fair result, though the geordies could of nicked a point at the end - it was their only chance in the game.