Tuesday, December 30, 2014

West Ham v. Arsenal


  1. good saitch A.P

    didnt he used to knock about with some irish gooners from over Kilburn way..?

    Again we get a game changing wrong decision against us...with so much at stake these days regarding football the F.A. should bring a time out rule..like cricket ..where a team can dispute the officials dodge pot decisions...if Songs goal had stood then we would've done them no probs..no shame in this loss.. heads held high..unlike the game a few days previous..
    What kind of hold have Carroll and Nolan got over Allarbuckle...? Zarate over Nolan anyday..instead hes been shipped out ..apparently cos one of the chairmen signed Mauro Zarate and not him...

    Probably nothing but Allardyce was in Newcastle earlier this evening...(cant see them taking him back..or could they ? )

    Roll on West Brom...and get back into winning ways

  2. You're winding me up about Alf Tupper on Tyneside right ? If only.... although it wouldn't be in our interest for him to scarper at short notice. Having spent much of the last few days discussing our manager with my two lads - I can only explain it this way "It's more important for him to try to prove himself right about Carroll, than it is for him to let West Ham win as many games as possible. All I hope is that Tiny and Happiness have a plan in place that won't disappoint, I'm assuming Lady Brady now views us a part time job.

  3. Yep, decision to drive you nuts! Looked good to me, and everyone else it seems. Lovely shot. If there's no comeback though, they'll keep making them.
    AC has been as ineffective as I knew he would be, both games, far to easy to suss and shut down and a liability with his feet.
    Zarate out, ridiculous , but predictable and I don't blame him, not gonna get time here so go and play somewhere else, I would.
    Sam could go tomorrow and any geezer at a Green St bus stop could take over as far as I'm concerned. I'm sure they can see what's what and staring them in the face.
    ( I haven't done a Sam Out for a bit, feels good )
    I hope we take WBA to the cleaners, anything less would be embarrassing.

  4. There seems little doubt The Gooners would have caved in if Song's goal had stood and we probably would have gone in level if Winston hadn't put up his foot once grounded. Not a great game from him and can't see that he would have impressed Napoleon Wenger "in the flesh" so to speak. On the subject of Arsene what with his full length Ladies Gooners Anorak ? I guess they're overstocked at The Emirates ?

  5. Farewell Zarate. I have my doubts he'll save 'Arrys backside. I didn't see the BFS link to Newcastle, but that gets the heart beating! Unfortunately I can't see it happening. I think mr P's right about what motivates him, namely himself and how he perceives his reputation. Wouldn't put it past him to take a trip to Gallowsgate to spark the rumour that he's wanted somewhere.
    As for the game.."the great referee swindle". Rotten can chuckle.

  6. I'm with you on 'Arry going down - the jig is up Mr Redknapp. Having said that wouldn't be at all surprised if Zarate bagged himself a brace against us and one seems a dead cert. As for Newcastle and the subsequent fall out - "I'm not going there" !

  7. Yeah the thought of treefer kinda gets you going don't it. AAH if only t'were so.

    HNY to Saitchers all, past, present and occasional.

  8. Pulis has taken the helm at West Brom, so I imagine the players will be out to impress, or in view of his preferred style of play will some be hoping to bale out ? Either way "to the sword" and back to winning ways says I. A New Years Day gift for the Green Street Faithful I hope ! COME On YOU IRONS

  9. http://www.itv.com/news/update/2015-01-01/police-probe-alleged-scam-targeting-west-ham-fc/

    front page of todays current bun...West Scam United

    Allardyce is on one at the minute saying Zarate aint good enough for West Ham....and saying its ok for our players to go down in the box if any contact made with opposing player...got the hump cos Amalfitano stayed on his feet after a challenge in the box in the last minute against Gooners and would probably got a pen if he'd gone down

    Feel sorry for Zarate after he bought himself out of his contract at his old club to play for us and moved his clan over to london at the same time...at least he cant play against us if hes on loan...the organ grinder should've got rid of his monkey (Nolan) instead....

    off topic have a butchers ..if u aint already A.P. at this blokes football artwork


  10. sorry all the best and much love for the coming year..cheers

  11. Many thanks for the tip on Paine Profitt's work Slippery - some very stylish stuff, I shall drop him a line. Happy New Year mate !