Saturday, December 27, 2014

Chelsea v. West Ham


  1. Well, shrug yer shoulders and move onto the next one. Chelsea were on it. Adrian made some great saves, Collins did well against heavy pressure. Song should've been on from the start. Nolan outclassed.... Arsenal are weaker. 3 points from them and 3 from 6 is just fine.

  2. A very lean and sharp summary Filthy, a bit like Chel$ki on Boxing Day. We weren't even in it for the first half and as you "allude' Song made all the difference in the second. Being "Holiday Season" I've had no time to poke about on line - why wasn't he playing from the Kick Off ? Bad luck for Amalfitano hitting the upright near the death, one back would have eased the pain, but in truth we were outclassed .

  3. 48 hr Saitch .Class Mr P.
    In short , they were good we weren't.

    Time to stuff the Gooners.

  4. At least we "played" them in the second half, we barely got more than the odd (uncontroled) touch in the first. Once again Adriann pulls out the stops - surely he's risen in your estimation of late Smitty ?

  5. We did but it's the same old story with The Samacnob triumverate.
    Yeah he still scares me but tough to fault him last few games.

    I'll wait for the Goonersaitch.

  6. another great saitch A.P.

    Raging Bull....we were more Engaging Cow ..getting milked left right & centre all over fazendeiro Mourinho's field

    Could've..Should've...a bit too scared to've