Thursday, December 11, 2014

West Ham Utd v. Swansea City


  1. Nice one Mr P, whoda thunk it !
    and we're still 4th even more unbelievable.

    Nice to see AC score and earn a few of his many many quids, but I'm afraid people are going to start thinking he's good. Dangerous thinking.
    I'd rather see Sackem and Valencia up front but probably some more AC. If he can do it for a few more games maybe I'll cut him a break, maybe.
    If it really was a case of buy Bony or Carroll back when, BFS should have taken Bony.
    Class goal from him and too damn close on the woodwork for my liking. All round dangerous player, shame he's not from t'North he would have been a shoo in.

    Bloody rocket from Sackho, we've had a few highlight reel goals this year, up there with the one at Hull IMO.

  2. Well there' s no way AC bags a brace and then Tupper doesn't play him Smitty and fair do's there was nothing wrong with either of his headers ! Had Sakho passed him the ball, instead of hitting the upright for the first time - it would have been a hat trick. What a Fleet Street we dream that would have been ? Still judging by the way he belted in our third and the subsequent memorial under-shirt ("Bunny R.I.P." ?) display, Sakho had nothing but scoring on his mind. I think The Swans have appealed their goalie's red card - not sure that's been heard yet ?

  3. Just had a "poke about" Sakho's shirt said "R.I.P. Happy" and was in tribute to his recently departed neice Amy. I have no problem with that whatsoever !

  4. Nope, we've got him back fer sure, and as you say nowt wrong with the nuts.
    I disagree with the hat trick though I'd rather trust a Sackem on the fly than AC's feet.
    I won't put forward the idea that Sacko thinks so too.

    Anyone can wear what they want, no problem with that from me. In fact a sincere RIP happy from me.
    I thought the red was a bit strong but we've all seen worse ( and better) I'd appeal it.
    Could go either way but I'll bet it stands.

    No problem with the appeal

  5. great result no question but all the fatty praise is a bit gross. I don't want to knock him'cos it is going well and he ain't screwing it up, so credit for that, but a tactical genius? The team's firing and flying just a little steering is required. If Carroll is fit and confident he's a handful for any defence and can create space for others so is a useful tool (about 3 weeks each year)

  6. Always thought it takes a greedy man to be a top shelf goal scorer Smitty and as much as I'd like to think Ac could have managed what would have been a "tap in" we are talking West Ham. As for The Swans appeal I say they'll lose if they make a "handball argument" and what else do they have ?

  7. Oh, and an excellent saitch mr P. They're not waiting for anything now!

  8. 110 % with you on that Filthy.
    But he's doing his best.
    Nobby on, Zarate buggering about on the bench?
    I hope he doesn't leave.
    Carroll stays on, Tenner off Sackem on?
    Nolan crackered in the last 20-30 ?
    I think with Zarate Valentia & sakho and them with 10 we could have upped our GD by a ton

    I'd like to leave any discussion about ACs feet out of any discussion about football.
    That overhead last week was a complete aberation, bet he doesn't manage another one for the rest of his career.

    As said, I'd appeal, but they'll lose, but you gotta try if you gotta shot.

    Honorable mention to the boys at the back yet again before we forget.
    I'd give Cresswell a chunk of ACs money and a long contract before we lose him.

  9. I'd keep Cresewll and Jenko if we can Mr S, as my thoughts turn to Sunderland and The Mackems. Not easy to beat, I think they've drawn a good chunk of their games, some of them zip zip. I'm thinking we might have a full squad, in which case we might prize them open. I wonder if Diego might make the bench, against his Dad's team ?

  10. We've got Cresswell for a while at least, hopefully he'll be a class act and stay. I think he will. Jenko will be tough one though. Doubt if Wenger would be interested in your toofer. I think it will take bags o'cash, but we should.

    Yep, they won't be easy but it seems few are lately but we come up with the goods somehow. Heady days. We'll take em.
    Be nice to see the lad get a runaround later on when we're a couple up.

  11. I've been thinking that we'd get Jenko when Wenger came in for Winston, but Tupper has just been adamant that Crazy Horses stays unless it's a big money offer. Alf reckons we'll make more money with a higher spot than we would selling him off cheap and that a good season may well make Reid have a change of heart - he's not been offered "pennies".
    Jim Grant (AKA Jim Hammers) of Hammertime Podcast is going up for the Sunderland game, so I reckon our boys will be out to impress him !

  12. A swap may work, but after all this kerfuffle I still think Winston will stay either through lack of offers or the fact that we could be contenders. So I still think it's down to a big bag o'cash. But I've been humongously wrong before.

    The way we're playing I don't think they think of anything else after the opening whistle

  13. Let's just hope The Brady Bunch hold the ship steady when the offers for Sakho start coming in after Xmas - hopefully Santa will shift plenty of Anne Summers' "toys" in the meantime - "naughty or nice" - "nudge nudge"- "say no more " !

  14. I think my magic jersey might be helping the Hammers climb to these rarified heights. I'm afraid to take it off until they at least reach third place. Nosebleed territory!

  15. Whatever you do Clueless don't take it off ! Just shower in it in the morning it will dry in no time - it's got to be polysester, nylon or some such plastic variant !

  16. Is Reid out of contract in the summer? If so the club would get zip if he left then. I saw that Sam's asking 20 mil, that's a hell of a lot if he is free in the summer. If I was him I'd stay and make the most of the good times. I reckon The arse could be in for him. I think Manure could do with him but they will only buy big ticket items right now. Hold on! Maybe that's the plan. Manure only look at 20mil plus, so sell him to them and trouser 20 mil rather than nuttin in the summer.

  17. Winston is free come summer Filthy, but I think Tupper's point is that we'd be better off higher up the table than selling him for a couple of Mill. Wenger has been "Arseing" (Ouch !) about over him for some time and Winston wants Champions League wages, he's turned down a serious offer from us. I think the 20 Mill was not a serious figure but meant to signify he would not let him go one the cheap

  18. All these tie games are screwing us up! As Tom Hanks said "There are no ties in baseball!" I'll keep wearing my jersey until you say otherwise.

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  20. Great saitch A.P.

    usually going 0-1 down me head starts saying to me ...ere we go again...but this time after Bony put them one up it kept 'shtoom'...and told me no problem

    loving it this season so far...C.O.Y.F.I

    ps above comment deleted ...sausage fingered typo

  21. Ahoy There Slippery, nice to hear from you mate ! Thus far it's a season to savour and I must give a shout out to Alex Song - top shelf or what ! And the team scoring from all over the shop too. As for going one down, we seemed to be cured of dropping our heads - which is as it should be ! Leicester up next, go to focus and not get over confident - Come On You Irons !