Saturday, December 6, 2014

West Bromwich Albion v. West Ham United


  1. Not often our fearless leader appears- nice to see yer Alf!!

    Another exciting, worth the price of admission contest that we came out on top of
    AC-Nobby finally gets one ( as predicted by Swami Smitty) so they're pretty much done for the year. Take the offer and rum.

    Downing and Tomka make the new training video for "How to score from a corner 101
    ( Luverly job - Hoof Nut and thank you very much)
    Here was me thinking that's what we got Carroll for- What an idiot.
    All in all, defence solid as usual ( Nice goal for them though, worth watching)
    every one else did their jobs so onward and upwards
    Should be able to take the Taffys ( Shame they offed Chito, I'm sure the lads need some booing practice. Not much from us to boo at lately) but I'm sure it will be another worth watching.


  2. Sods law that Nobby would nab one Smitty, but what surprised me was the quality of AC's over head shot that set it up. Nothing wrong with Tomka's header, neither was there with Lawson's opener for them - it's just that I couldn't really appreciate it until we were i-2 up !

  3. Good image Mr P. Workers of the Black country and the East end? A good days work and making the most of West Brom being in bad shape. Tomka using his head for the right reasons this time.

  4. A workmanlike encounter for sure Filthy, a cold Tuesday night at The Hawthornes. To be honest i think we only bossed it from the 20 minute mark until half time - fortunately that shift was enough.