Tuesday, December 23, 2014

West Ham United v. Leicester City


  1. Shor werdy werdy -who could forget !!
    Anyone know which ones were the Golden Hammers?
    As forgettable as Leicester would like this game to be.

    I'll take the 3 and go straight into my 4th for Xmas silly song , which I haven't written yet.
    Yep they tried and as we would have said many a time - If work were points.......
    Bit iffy at the last I thought they'd snatch one, it wasn't classy but we kept it out
    As much as Adrian scares me stupid sometimes, he was the man a time or two then.
    Stewie - Wal- lop!! Different man from last year. On the highlight reel.
    As I've said before Cresswell was a bargain, he's gonna be a monster
    What I do like is when mistakes are made nobody panics, we've become a class act. Due some respect and if we can keep this lot together for next year or so we could be contenders.

    What I don't like , as per usual, is we're back to Nobby & AC automatic. We have talent sitting on the bench doing nothing except for a cameo in the final minutes. As I said he would Carroll skied it in front of goal when it should have been in, unfortunately Konchy gave him a real sitter soon after so he looks good again, he's not.
    It's possible Nobby does some stellar work off the ball, but I'd like to see him do something on it, more than sneak a goal now and then.
    I looked up the figures, it looked suspiciously like we were doing a lot more hoof now AC is back, but they say we're not. I'm not convinced. Anyone else think we're going back to "Direct"?

    If we go into Chelski with that line up they'll have cleaned our clocks by halftime. If they score first, we'll find it hard to get back like we have .It's too predictable. Now's BFS's chance to be a "genius" again. Lets have some flash and dash back- we've got it, use it

  2. Must confess I knew nothing of The Golden Hammers Smitty and was solely working the coming from Leicester angle - a limited field. Adrian making three top shelf saves, surely saved the day, especially as we only scored two ! As you predicted AC missed a sitter, but he did get his backside in gear for his goal a few minutes later - to be honest, I didn't think he had that much chase in him. Ace finish from Downing - real Roy of the Rovers stuff and another good shift from Alex Song (complete with his usual lapses in concentration).

  3. Showaddywaddy, knickers and the DeMonfort hall, about all I know of Leicester. I only got to watch the last 15 minutes or so and was impressed. A controlled performance, but even with all that control Adrian had 2 excellent stops. I think he'll play AC, and that's ok, it'll give Terry and Cahill something to think about, but he's gotta lose Nolan and attack with flair and pace around AC. I haven't looked at figures either but if he's playing there has to be a higher number of longer balls, otherwise why play him.
    Chelsea are good but I think there's a real chance of beating them. there's also a real chance of losing as well! So I'm planted firmly on the fence.

  4. What's the Leicester "knickers" connection Filthy ? You obviously know something some of us, well at least me don't !
    No chance of Nobby not getting a full outing until Noble's back on the pitch and fully fit,not sure what the news is on that front.

    Saw the second half of Stoke v Chel$ki, hard to tell if they were deliberately stuck in second gear or if we might have a chance. A week or so earlier in The Champions League they looked "the bollocks" - got an awful lot of talent, but wouldn't it be luvverly to spoil PC Terry's Boxing Day !

  5. Opportunity Knocks or New Faces.?..i remember Showaddywaddy winning one or the other. plastic.Teddy Boys..West Hams Teddy (Sherringhams) Boys nothing plastic about them...
    A big 'Oi Oi Saveloy' shout out to Barking born Paul Konchesky for that perfectly weighted through ball to 'Wor Andy'...Konchesky got a standing ovation from the west Ham faithful when Leicester manager Nigel Pearson (got a right Snidey Face)subbed him
    Adrian san miguel de castilla (St.michael of the castle)''fired up and stopping shots all over the shop..love it
    Chelsea Boxing Day and Arsenal 2 days later..'Big Uns'..both waiting to shoot us down..as is the press and other fans...come through them 2 games unscathed then who knows..maybe our dreams wont fade and die..just this once please...

    'we're coming for you.....we're coming for you'..Barcelona ..we're coming for you'

    Another good un A.P.

    Wishing You all a lovely peaceful Xmas

  6. knickers!? Leicester used to be the home of the knicker industry in Britain. (Pre ann summers)

  7. Merry Xmas to you too Slippery anfd gald to see you picked up on the not Teddy Boys and not Teddys' Boys theme. It was the "talent" ( Trade Descriptions Act Violation) show that had Mickie Most on it ("New Faces" ?) that was responsible for letting that particular snowball roll down the mountain.

  8. Never really thought about knickers in terms of an "industry" Filthy, I guess I assume they somehow miraculously appeared on the jump at Marks & Sparks. The things you learn on Saitch !

  9. Neither did I but I decided to Wiki Waddy and there it was. Why would you? why would anyone?
    If any striker in any division had missed that lovely through ball he would have quit.
    The one he missed is what he gets paid for and misses on a regular basis.
    That's the problem , Nobby for Noble? thats the swap?, how bout Morgan A, Zarate, against the Foxes why not get young Poyet out there. Plan f**g A again.

    Merry Merry and all that jazz to you too slippery, and anyone else that's reading this.

    Alright, 1-2. Carroll doesn't get one, Jenko gets the winner with a wonky cross in the last 10 mins.
    Owsabout that then.

  10. I think Boxing Day has something to do with real boxes. I was actually in London W2 on a Boxing Day in the early 80's and still don't have a clue! I am going to use it as a boxing analogy and predict the outcome as a KO for Chelski, down & out at the 80 minute mark. I'm still wearing the West Ham jersey and showering in it every morning is keeping it clean enough.

  11. TTo clarify - West Ham knocks out Chelsea. To paraphrase the late, great Howard Cosell - "Down goes Chelski! Down goes Chelski!"

  12. I'm liking this Clueless and the scenario of Howard Cossell commenting on the "Complete and utter destruction of Chelsea Football Club" etc. etc. They don't seem to make them like Howard anymore, nor like his inferior English counter part - the turncoat Harry Carpenter. No problems with a Boxing Day KO by The Hammers at all, which is going to be a bright and breezy kick off for us New Yorkers.

  13. Smitty, it's not so much a "Nobby for Noble swap", but I'd like to think that if fit Noble will play and I'd take off our weakest player of late. I do note that despite your "observations" you mention us winning. No. 2 son reckons our best chance is to nick one early and park the bus - I don't care hows its done if its done - it would be quite 'the scalp" - COME ON YOU IRONS!!!!

  14. I always like to mention us winning!!
    I'd love to see Jenko score , and why not ? he deserves one.

  15. If he wants one for Xmas Smitty, he'd better get it at Stamford Bridge as he can't play against The Gooners, a bridge I will cross after Chel$ki.

  16. Merry Christmas all. I reckon Mr P's #2 son is right, get an early one and then hold the box, especially if Hazard is out, then nab a second one on the break. Until that first goal I'd attack Chelsea, get 'em rattled.

  17. Merry Crimbo to all up there Filthy, we can't be chasing them, they're buggers once they're in front.